Camping Toys to keep Toddlers Entertained

Best Camping Toys to keep Toddlers Entertained

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Keeping your youngster under control on a family camping trip might be difficult. Even if nature is an excellent source of entertainment, there will inevitably be times when you need to keep your child busy near camp.

Let's look at some of the most valuable and entertaining toddler camping toys you can bring on your next family camping vacation to enhance their love of being outside.

1.GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

There isn't a better method to encourage your youngster to interact with the natural environment. With a 2x magnification, these toddler-friendly binoculars will accommodate their little faces.

2.Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight

This starting flashlight is the ideal size for little toddler hands, so let your little ones lead the way. It's fun to introduce your toddler to camping activities at night. Easy to grip and perfect to use around your campground, within your tent, or in your camper.

3.Sand Toy Set

Sand toy sets are ideal for your curious little toddler who loves getting messy because they aren't just for the beach but pretty much any type of mud, sand, or dirt.

4.Magnifying Glass & Tweezers

Your outdoor explorer can get their magnifying glass as a simple first-time present. Discover nature up close while supplying your toddler's insatiable curiosity with tea.

Camping Toys to keep Toddlers Entertained

5.Youjidui Bean Bag Toss Game

A bean bag throw game is ideal since it allows your little ones and older kids to participate in the excitement. It helps in improving hand-eye coordination.

6.Smile LED Lantern

We know the first night might be challenging when attempting to put your toddler to sleep in a tent or another unfamiliar setting. A cute novelty lantern that is easy for them to hold or that you can hang from your tent can be a terrific way to help your child feel secure and at ease in their surroundings.


What better way to engage young children to their surroundings than with their headlamp? Young children can occasionally experience anxiety when going around in the dark. We adore that they are hands-free, allowing your toddler to play and have fun while illuminating the path! (Parents have claimed the dinosaurs have a terrifying roar, so heed their warning!) They are also available in owl and unicorn designs.


One of the most acceptable inexpensive, straightforward forms of amusement for toddlers is playing with bubbles, but when they insist on having a turn, they spill everything.

The ideal bubbles dispenser, without any mess, is a vibrant no-spill design. The Fubbles Bubbles Tumbler won't spill any of the bubbles even if you tip it over or turn it upside down. Bubble magic, indeed!

9.Pretend Campfire Set

Your child can use a small camping toy set while enjoying the great outdoors. The collection includes food, binoculars, a log fire, and more.

 Camping Toys to keep Toddlers Entertained

10.Camping Lantern Musical Toy

As they have fun and learn while camping, babies and toddlers will enjoy using this Fisher Price light-up musical camp light.

11.Glow Sticks

Always in trouble locating your little ones in the dark? The glow sticks comes in bracelets and necklaces designs, precious novelty items and a simple way to identify your toddler at night while camping.

12.Digger Trucks

With other sand toys, diggers go hand in hand. A separate camping digger set is precisely what every little outdoorsy toddler needs, even though you might not want them to get their "beautiful inside toys" splashed in mud.

13.Insect and Butterfly Net

Give your young explorers their very own insect net and let them go. With a telescoping net that is both small enough for kids to manage and large enough to capture objects from a distance, you can learn and explore while having fun identifying species and releasing them back into the wild.

14.Camping Chair

We are all aware that toddlers can benefit from stimulation just by being around their families and watching the world go by. Your toddler will be thrilled to have their camping chair when they go camping after outgrowing their baby chair.

15.Toddler Paddle Pool

We cannot stress enough how fantastic a toddler paddle pool is for families camping with young children! They are excellent for keeping kids in a contained play area, whether for basic splash play games, bath time, or to inflate it and stay just their toys and no water—up it's to you! It is guaranteed that this is one of the essential camping necessities you can bring with a young child.

Camping Toys to keep Toddlers Entertained

16.Flying Rings

To move their bodies, toddlers' entertaining camping toys and games should contain a few camping supplies. We enjoy bringing balls from home and playing a straightforward game of toss and retrieve to help us wind down before night. Try out these lightweight Frisbees that are ideal for young children if you want something different from the balls you currently own. Your kids can try to catch it without getting hurt because it is 80% lighter than regular Frisbees. It's also ideal for ring toss games.

17.Bean Bag Toss Game

We adore this Melissa & Doug bean bag throw game, which is portable, lightweight, and simple to store in the trunk of a car. This is a terrific option if you're camping with little and older children because everyone will enjoy it.

18.Camping Stove

 Undoubtedly, your child will adore this kid-sized camping stove if they enjoy playing with kitchen toys. It's a beautiful method for your child to play pretend while camping because it's just like the Coleman stove frequently used on campgrounds.

19.Kids Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies are one of our favourite toddler camping gadgets. Although most young toddlers won't be able to figure it out, it's a fun camping toy that can develop with them. If you have more than one child, it's a terrific opportunity for them to play together and gives you the chance to come up with all kinds of inventive games to play.

20.Scavenger Hunts

When camping with a toddler, you may need to develop intricate activities for them. Keep things simple, and pack some scavenger hunt templates so you can quickly pull them out when you and your group want to have fun. Parents also adore these adorable scavenger hunt cards, which are lovely educational tools because they can help teach your kid new vocabulary.

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Final thoughts

That concludes our comprehensive list of the top toddler camping toys. Keep in mind that kids respond well to small amounts. Nature will take care of the rest once you've selected a few toddler camping toys they'll enjoy.

You can visit our Amazon store directly to see all the toddler camping toys we recommend.

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