Best garden toys for toddlers

Best garden toys for toddlers and babies

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Are you seeking activities to keep your kids occupied in the garden, whether it's sunny or rainy? Since it's not always simple to keep them entertained, we've compiled a list of the top outdoor games and toys that your infants and toddlers will like.

No matter how old your child is, playing in the garden allows them to utilise their imagination and is always entertaining. There is no need to be bored when there are so many garden toys, including ride-on toys, swing sets, sandpits, and bubble machines. In addition, there are all the sounds and views of nature to enjoy.

If the weather is chilly, dress warmly in wellies and a nice coat. Bad weather is no excuse to miss out on having fun in the garden.

Can the toys be kept outside all day long?

The sort of toy will determine this, but most outdoor toys, especially playhouses, swing sets, and climbers, are designed with durability. However, prolonged exposure to unpredictable external conditions can cause colour fading and damage.

The most straightforward approach to ensure you get the most out of your investment is to keep outside toys covered or indoors in the house or shed when not in use.

The top garden and outdoor toys to enjoy this year

1. Best Balance Bike

Positives: Easy to assemble and lasts a long time

Negatives: More expensive than other toys

Kids can use this item, which resembles a real bike, to get around by sitting on the soft seat and using their legs. Without using any tools, the middle and handlebars may be adjusted to fit children with inseams ranging from 12 to 20 inches. Parents adore how simple it is to put together and that the thin foam tyres never flatten. Remember to wear your helmet!

Recommended age: 18 months to 5 years

Available at: Amazon

Best garden toys for toddlers

2. Best Water Table

Positives: Easy to assemble, durable, engaging for little ones

Negatives: Might be difficult to clean

This entertaining water table has received over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, making it a definite favourite among parents and young children. Children can practise their motor skills by turning the Ferris wheel on the table, studying cause and effect by pouring water into an integrated funnel or developing their coordination by throwing the five balls (which also squirt water!). Splashing around in the water is a terrific way to cool off on a hot day while simultaneously stimulating your child's senses.

Recommended age: 2 years and up

Available at: Amazon

3. Best Sprinkler Toy

Positives: Easy to inflate and assemble

Negatives: Some reviews say that the sprinkler part didn't work as expected

The youngest toddlers may have fun outside water with this sprinkler/splash pad combination. The sprinklers offer extra excitement while the inflatable rim keeps the water within for kids to splash and play. You're set to go after only connecting your hose! The adorable alphabet pattern on the mat also provides young children with additional educational opportunities. Even playing in shallow water can be hazardous for young children, so use this toy under close supervision.

Recommended age: 2 years and up

Available at: Amazon

4. Best Sports Toy

Positives: Stands up to rough toddler play, fun for kids of various ages

Negatives: Requires much assembly time.

This traditional starting T-ball set is height-adjustable, so it can develop with your child and fit children of various heights. You'll also receive a bright yellow bat, five plastic balls (in case you lose a few), and five extra-large plastic balls, which make hitting the ball easier. The best part is that the accessories may be mounted on the wall after being conveniently stored in the base.

Recommended age: 18 months and up

Available at: Amazon

Best garden toys for toddlers

5. Best Playhouse

Positives: Can be used inside or outside both

Negatives: Sometimes the balls get stuck inside the house is a little expensive toy

This fantastic toy combines a playhouse's imaginative pleasure with the joys of a ball pit. It comes with 20 plastic balls that can be used to create a maze on the inside walls, dropped into connecting tubes to generate a plinking sound, or hurled on the roof. Additionally, it incorporates typical playhouse elements like a door and a mailbox. Since it may also be utilised indoors, you are free to bring it inside when the weather becomes chilly. According to parents, tossing the balls and racing through the home keeps their kids occupied for hours.

Recommended age: 18 months and up

Available at: Amazon

6. Best Kiddie Pool

Positives: Comes with lots of activities and entertainment

Negatives: Requires pump to inflate

This excellent vinyl pool significantly improves compared to the plastic tubs you may have splashed around in as a child. After inflating the collection, an inflatable slide separates a smaller wading pool and a larger main pool. Kids may play ring toss or hurl balls through the linked hoops as they stay cool with the help of a rainbow-shaped water sprayer. But like any pool or water activity, keep an eye on your children as they splash around.

Recommended age: 2 years and up

Available at: Amazon

7. Best Swing

Positives: Sturdy, fun for lots of ages, more affordable than traditional swing sets

Negatives: Not suitable for younger toddlers and hanging hardware is sold separately

Are you looking for a swing that your child will use well past the toddler years? If your yard has trees, this durable choice from Fat Brain Toys is fantastic. Kids of all ages (and some adults) may swing thanks to its 220-pound weight limit, steel-tube frame, and 70-inch solid ropes safely. Just be aware that the necessary hanging hardware is not included (but is available as a separate purchase).

Recommended age: 3 years and up

Available at: Amazon

Keep them safe

When not in use, covering your outdoor toys is the easiest method to keep them clean. Even in the harshest weather, keeping your toys hygienic and dry is accessible with outdoor furniture coverings. Bringing toys inside or storing them in a shed, playhouse, or garage is ideal until the weather warms up if you have the space.

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